I would be proud to call Kristen Stewart my friend

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I would be proud to call Kristen Stewart my friend

I know this is not a topic I normally speak about, but as a woman and also as a Twilight fan, I had to speak up about how Kristen Stewart is being treated, with the exception of a few articles, like Jodie Foster’s open letter and the one out today in the LA Times) after she was caught kissing Rupert Sanders.

Let’s rip her a new one and make sure she knows it because that’s what’s been happening every day in the press. Never mind that she is an unmarried 22 year-old woman closer to childhood than adulthood and Rupert Sanders is a 41 year-old married man with two children. And, if that weren’t enough, a man in a position of power as her director.

No offense to Robert Paatinson, but you and Kristen didn’t stand a chance against him and his moves. I did not have to be there to know that Rupert probably pursued Kristen relentlessly, calling and emailing and texting her. Saying things she had never heard and in a way no one had ever done before. That’s the difference between a 41 year-old man and 26 year-old one.

But, where is the anger and the outrage against him? Where is the talk of him being replaced as the director for Snow White and The Huntsman? Granted Kristen is the bigger star and the higher up you are the farther you fall, but that’s not the point here. If there is to be any blame the blame should rest completely with Rupert and that is so far from the reality. I for one am not laughing.

Not that getting caught kissing a married man, but how the media have handled this incident is similar to how the media have handled women and children who have been raped or molested: blame the victim instead of the perpetrator and that’s what’s happening to Kristen for she is the victim here, if there is one, and she is being blamed. Have we learned nothing??? When will it stop?

I for one would be proud to call Kristen my friend and to stand next to her at any event. Rupert, not so much.