As part of our parental establishment services, we:

  • Draft and finalize court documents to establish the parental rights of intended parents
  • Review the documents with our clients and explain next steps, time lines, and answer clients’ questions and concerns regarding the parental establishment process
  • Coordinate with Vital Records departments and hospitals to ensure birth certificates name intended parents and comply with the Judgment of Parentage
  • Work closely with out-of-state legal counsel in interstate arrangements to help assure a seamless process for intended parents

Our experienced attorneys expertly guide our clients through the parental establishment process. Typically, the Judgment of Parentage is obtained pre-birth, providing peace of mind knowing that the parties’ intent will be honored from the time of birth and alleviating stress before the child’s birth. Intended Parents can rest easy knowing that they have a valid, final judgment regarding their legal rights and obligations to the child.