The Surrogacy Law Center offers comprehensive trust account management services for surrogacy and egg donation arrangements. California law requires that agencies direct their clients to deposit money into an independent, bonded escrow account or a trust account maintained by an attorney when pursuing third party assisted reproduction arrangements that the agency is coordinating.

Depositing funds into a trust account keeps them safe and helps ensure the integrity of the financial aspect of your arrangement. Client funds may then only be disbursed in accordance with your surrogacy or egg donation agreement and according to the fund management agreement signed with the law firm. Our firm has held trust in thousands of assisted reproduction arrangements and has the knowledge, skill and experience to ensure a seamless financial process for you as you navigate building your family.


The Global Family Law Advantage:

  • Experienced and compassionate finance team who is ready to assist around the clock
  • Easy funding by wire, check, ACH, and Zelle
  • Account Statements available 24/7 and sent to you monthly automatically
  • Personalized, confidential disbursement request forms and processing
  • Payment processing any time of the month
  • Liaison with agency