Wednesday August 17th, 2022

Single French Women Are Creating a High Demand for Fertility Treatments

One year ago, the use of medically assisted reproduction was opened up to lesbian couples and single women in France. Now, single women are creating a […]
Wednesday August 17th, 2022

Georgia Now Allows People To Claim Embryos as Dependents On Their Tax Returns

The Georgia Department of Revenue has made it legal for in-state residents to claim embryos on their tax returns as dependents, provided the embryo they’re claiming […]
Friday August 12th, 2022

Slain Israeli Soldiers Become Fathers Via Sperm Extraction

Israeli soldiers are becoming fathers, even though some of them passed away years ago. For up to 72 hours after death, sperm cells are still alive. […]
Saturday August 6th, 2022

Fertility Options For LGBTQ Employees Are Denied By Hospital Chain

A system of Catholic hospitals based in Illinois has decided it will only cover fertility treatments for a worker who is in an opposite-sex marriage. Some […]