New Interactive Surrogacy Law Map of United States

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New Interactive Surrogacy Law Map of United States

The Surrogacy Law Center is excited to announce the launch of a new and interactive map that was created to help intended parents and gestational carriers understand surrogacy laws to better determine which states they would prefer to work in. 

California’s surrogacy law is robust and protects intended parents’ rights regardless of their gender, marital status, sexual orientation, or genetic connection to their child. In most cases, even if your surrogate delivers outside of California, you can still receive a Judgment of Parentage from a California court. California law provides that its courts have jurisdiction over gestational surrogacy cases not only when the child is born in the state, but also when the embryo transfer is performed in California or when the intended parents reside in California. Most states accept California parentage orders on the basis of Full Faith and Credit under the US Constitution.

“Over the years clients from all over the world always ask me about California surrogacy laws and obtaining CA parentage orders and we are so pleased to be able to offer this map for them that is easy to use no matter where they are located,” said Stephanie Caballero, Esq., Principal of The Surrogacy Law Center. 


When using the map you will be given a brief overview of which surrogacy arrangements may work in each state (particularly when a California judgment of parentage is obatained), based on factors like the intended parents’ genetic connection to the child, marital status and sexual orientation. While the map is based on the firm’s extensive experience working on thousands of surrogacy arrangements, those viewing the map are advised that the information contained within the map is not legal advice, and is for reference purposes only. Published information is subject to change without notice and accuracy is not guaranteed. Always consult with an experienced reproductive law attorney prior to proceeding with any gestational surrogacy arrangement. 

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