Surrogates From Ukraine Trapped in Kyiv Have Been Granted UK Visas

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Surrogates From Ukraine Trapped in Kyiv Have Been Granted UK Visas

For surrogates who are in Ukraine, and pregnant with the babies of British citizens, there are now three-year immigration visas available to them. Currently, there is no information about whether or not the family members of these surrogates will be able to receive the visas. Many surrogates are at risk because of the war in Ukraine, but did not want to leave because they were worried that it might mean a cancellation of their contracts. They also didn’t have anywhere to go and it has been hard to get out of the country safely.

With the UK issuing visas, Ukranian surrogates will be able to leave their country and get to the UK safely. Many of them have already had the babies that British parents are anxiously waiting for, but because the Ukranian airports have been closed, the parents haven’t been able to get into Ukraine to collect their children. Surrogacy requirements state that the parents need to be present at birth. However, British authorities are working on other options to make sure parents can claim their children properly.

Another reason that parents need to be present at birth is so the child can receive a passport and travel back to the home country of their parents. Naturally, with the war that hasn’t been the case. Some surrogates have given birth in Ukraine without the intended parents present. Other surrogates have fled Ukraine and given birth in other countries. That can make British nationality status confusing.

The UK is prepared to provide immigration visas for surrogates and children in order to help them settle the matter safely. Ireland will require a parental order for the intended parents to be recognized, as the surrogate giving birth will be considered the legal mother of the child. All of this has created a great deal of stress for those in surrogacy arrangements, but with plans to settle the parental issues, surrogates and parents can feel more secure.

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