Tuesday January 25th, 2022

Women Up To 45 Can Now Get Free IVF in Madrid

In the past, women in Madrid who wanted to have children could only get free IVF treatments until they were 40. Now, that age limit has […]
Saturday January 15th, 2022

Recent Study Finds COVID (Not the Vaccine) May Cause Low Sperm Count

A new study has indicated that couples wanting to have children have even more reason to protect themselves from COVID-19. That’s because men who contract the […]
Wednesday December 22nd, 2021

Tokyo Set to Introduce Same-Sex Partnerships Next Year

Next year, Tokyo will begin to introduce the recognition of same-sex partnerships. This represents a significant shift from the way this issue has been handled there […]
Monday December 20th, 2021

New Law in Portugal May Allow for Surrogacy

The National Council for Medically Assisted Procreation and the Portuguese Society for Reproductive Medicine are both praising a new law in Portugal, which allows for surrogacy […]