Friday April 1st, 2022

Nova Scotia Offers Refundable Tax Credits To Families Experiencing Fertility Treatment and Surrogacy

For families in Nova Scotia who are navigating surrogacy requirements and fertility treatments in order to have a child, there are now some tax credits that […]
Monday March 21st, 2022

‘Will the babies be left in a war zone?’: Terrified Ukrainian Surrogates and Parents Are Waiting for Their Children

In Ukraine, the Russian invasion has caused upset and misery for many people. Surrogates and the families who were supposed to receive their babies are left […]
Tuesday March 15th, 2022

A Donor-Conceived Person Protection Act is Being Proposed in New York

The “Donor-Conceived Person Protection Act” proposed by New York State Senator Patrick Gallivan in December 2021 would require reproductive tissue banks to collect and verify information […]
Wednesday March 9th, 2022

COVID May Damage The Placenta in Pregnant Women

New research has indicated that women who are unvaccinated and get COVID during pregnancy could be putting their unborn babies at risk. That’s because the virus […]