One Woman’s Story of Discovering Dozens, If Not Hundreds, of Siblings

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One Woman’s Story of Discovering Dozens, If Not Hundreds, of Siblings

While there are many stories of finding a long-lost sibling, Chrysta Bilton may have the most unique sibling story of them all. She was conceived through sperm donation to a gay mother, and her mother had an agreement that the man wouldn’t donate his sperm. But he did. In fact, he donated a couple of times a week, for a very long time. As a result of that, Bilton ended up with many brothers and sisters.


Thanks to the ease and convenience of taking DNA tests today, Bilton began to find out about these siblings. There are at least 35 that she knows of, and there are very likely many more than that. Some of them don’t want to be involved, and others are excited to meet brothers and sisters they didn’t know they had. The ones who’ve wanted to meet one another have been able to get together, and have a reunion of sorts. They’ve discovered a lot of similarities.

But there’s a lot about Bilton’s past that’s unique. In addition to the prolific sperm donor father, Bilton’s mother had issues with drug and alcohol addiction, crazy money-making schemes, and a wild, Hollywood-style life that shaped how Bilton grew up. The man she thought of as “dad” was actually a man named Jeffrey, who was offered $2,000 by Bilton’s mother to be her sperm donor.

Over time, Bilton wrote a book about her experiences growing up, and about how everything she thought she knew about her father wasn’t reality. The book isn’t meant to be a sordid account of what took place, but rather a musing on what family really means and what it’s all about. Essentially, the book is a letter to her mother, and a realization that family is what you make it.

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