Changes Are In Store For Ireland’s Surrogacy Laws!

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Changes Are In Store For Ireland’s Surrogacy Laws!

History has been made in Ireland, where a new report has paved the way for rights surrounding surrogacy arrangements. Among the main findings of the report was a call for both of a child’s parents to be recognized when that child is born through an international surrogacy agreement. Red tape and legal issues have continually caused problems for couples who used international surrogates, because the surrogate was generally listed on the birth certificate as a parent.

While a surrogate in the same country may not cause too many issues being on the birth certificate, international surrogacy hang ups have stopped some couples from moving back to Ireland with their children. Since both of the parents are not recognized legally as the parents of the child, they are not granted the same rights they need to safely raise that child together.

Medical procedures, schooling requirements, and others are a problem for parents who have had their children via surrogate. If they move back to Ireland, they will no longer  be legally recognized as the child’s parent. That comes with a long list of things they can’t do with their child. With the new report, though, couples and others who have had children via surrogate feel confident that they will have the opportunity to be recognized as the child’s legal parents.

This is a big leap forward in surrogacy rights for people in Ireland, and gives hope to parents that were previously worried they might not be able to move home with their kids. For parents of children born through surrogacy who have brought their kids back to Ireland, being recognized as their legal parents will not only make legal matters easier, but also give them peace of mind. It is a winning situation for protecting families.

Working with an experienced, knowledgeable reproductive rights attorney is critical if you are considering growing your family via reproductive technologies. Your attorney will work to ensure contractual agreements not only comply with the law; they will also help ensure your rights and best interests – and those of your future child or children – are protected. Contact us today to begin your journey!