Serbia Considering Surrogacy

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November 16, 2014
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December 5, 2014
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Serbia Considering Surrogacy

It appears that Serbia may be taking one step closer toward surrogacy.  According to In Serbia, a code is being crafted regarding surrogate motherhood for its Civil Code.

“This means the possibility of concluding a contract between the future mother or father, and a woman who will carry and give birth to their baby. Cash compensation for the service is not predicted,” the article reported.

The article estimated there were nearly 300,000 who were battling with infertility in this country.

According to Olga Cvejic Jancic, who holds a position at the Commission to the Civil Code, they were outlining the new code details.  Points they wanted to underscore included that surrogacy would be considered upon the following circumstances:

  • A method for infertility
  • Used if severe health issues would be aggravated through pregnancy
  • Used for the prevention of transmitting a hereditary disease(s) to the fetus

Janic goes on to say, “It is anticipated that in the case of surrogacy, fertile cells of at least one of the intended parents shall be used, therefore, he or she will be the genetic parent of the child.”

Conversely, while this new Civil Code is being drafted, The Ministry of Health has a different opinion in the matter.

In the article announcement they stated, “…surrogate motherhood in Serbia is prohibited, punishable by imprisonment of three to ten years and that the Directorate of Biomedicine at the Ministry of Health has not been consulted nor informed of any initiative around recognition of surrogate motherhood.”

The idea of surrogacy in Serbia has two conflicting opinions, and one, with imprisonment ramifications.

While Serbians wait for more details, I wonder if this isn’t happening now because of the turmoil in the Ukraine, which has probably affected the surrogacy business tremendously. I can’t see how Serbia would be more appealing to others seeking a less-expensive alternative to the US, but we will just have to wait and see.