Mom says church threatened to kick her out over “gay” blog post

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March 17, 2011
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Mom says church threatened to kick her out over “gay” blog post

Her son? He’s five years old.

A mom blogger knows as “Cop’s Wife” posted a picture of her son and wrote about how she decided to allow her 5-year-old son to dress as his favorite cartoon character, Daphne from Scooby Doo.

She even went on the Today Show to talk about the decision. This was last fall. Now she writes in her blog:

“I cannot tell you the betrayal I feel. The church, or at the very least Pastor is trying to bully me into shutting up, and I find that so disheartening. I am floored by the fact that they’ve gone to so much trouble regarding a post that discusses love and tolerance that was posted 3 months ago. I am shocked that they do not see the hypocrisy of what they are saying to me. I am in complete disbelief that this has been handled in the way it has. I have never felt less welcome in a church. This is not the church that I grew up in. This is not the God that I know.”

I doubt we have heard the last on this issue so stay tuned and fee free to comment.