Looking forward to 2018!

The Surrogacy Law Center: A Year in Review
December 27, 2017
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January 11, 2018
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Looking forward to 2018!

The mission for The Surrogacy Law Center this year remains the same: To help as many people as possible achieve the family they always dreamed of having.

“My number one goal is to help my clients in the best way that I can,” said Founder and Managing Partner Stephanie Caballero.

While entering into a surrogacy or donor agreement can be an exciting time, it can also be filled with some uncertainties. Building trust with a surrogate or donor is done by working closely with your attorney, psychologist, physicians, and nurses.

Most times, especially in a surrogacy and donor agency setting, an intended parent does not know their surrogate all that well.

“I try to make this process as easy as possible. When you hire my firm, the firm stays with you throughout the entire process,” Caballero said.

Caballero’s goal is to make surrogacy and egg donor arrangements as effortless as possible for her clients. She makes sure that the firm’s tagline is achieved every single day: Reproductive Law Made Easy.

“We have a customer service focus for everybody from beginning to end, and I instill this with my staff,” she said.

For Caballero, hers is a people-centered business.

“We’re creating families so we want to make this process as comforting as possible,” she said. “So, if you are from Italy, France, Spain or China, we’ll have a translator for you, and we will have a lot of our documents translated into someone’s native language. Again, it’s reproductive law made easy no matter where you live in the world.”

Caballero shared that since her children were born through surrogacy, she always puts herself in the client’s shoes. For example, if she had to travel to another country to build her family, having someone speak English and reading documents she could understand would mean everything.

“So that’s what I do, and what I will continue to do in 2018 – it’s about exceeding the needs and expectations of my clients,” she said.