Dutch sperm donor prefers the “natural” method

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April 11, 2014
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April 18, 2014
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Dutch sperm donor prefers the “natural” method

Make no mistake about it: what Dutch sperm donor Ed Houben is doing is not donation. When you have sex to create a child, that’s a dad, not a donor. And while Dutch law may protect him, he, as well as the couples and individuals he donates for, should look into the laws where the child created is born and resides. I’m sure William Marotta wishes he would have consulted with an attorney in Missouri before he donated too.

And while Ed Houben. in the New York Post article, likes to think of his sperm as:

“Sperm cells are like candy at Mardi Gras,” Houben says. “The more you throw out, the better you get.”

He needs to remember he is creating a life here with the potential for some very real consequences.