Maryland Surrogacy Scam Settles

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December 20, 2019
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Maryland Surrogacy Scam Settles

Earlier this year, we shared some disturbing news about a surrogacy agency based in Maryland and Florida. Intended parents and surrogates alike claimed that The Surrogacy Group failed to honor its contractual commitments, with individuals and couples who paid for services stating they hadn’t received them and with surrogates alleging the company hadn’t paid them for their services.

In April 2019, Maryland’s Attorney General Brian Frosh banned the owner of The Surrogacy Group, Greg Blosser, from continuing to conduct business in the state. Subsequently, Blosser was arrested by the FBI and faced federal criminal charges.

A civil lawsuit against Blosser and his company was settled recently, with Blosser agreeing to pay more than $2 million in penalties and surrogacy services to 21 individuals. The victims who will be compensated through the settlement were mostly couples who over the course of the past ten years paid Blosser nearly $620,000 for surrogacy services he never delivered on. Some of Blosser’s victims were somewhat local, living in Maryland and Virginia. Others were from as far away as Germany and even Australia.

While the civil case has settled, the criminal investigation is still active, with the Justice Department continuing to seek witnesses and build its case against Blosser. If ultimately convicted of the crimes with which he is charged, Blosser could face up to 20 years in prison.

For the intended parents who trusted Blosser and his company’s empty promises, the civil settlement and pending criminal charges may bring some satisfaction. Still, it’s a small consolation as in some cases, those individuals and couples are left having to start over with their dreams of building their families through surrogacy.

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