Having represented nearly 2,000 clients through assisted reproductive techniques, including sperm donation, Stephanie Caballero is uniquely qualified to guide you through your sperm donation. As part of legal counseling and contract drafting, we address, among others, the following issues:

  • Advise the parties as to their rights and responsibilities under the sperm donation arrangement
  • Prepare or review the sperm donation agreement
  • Make referrals to experienced attorneys who are able to act as independent counsel for your sperm donor
  • Prepare letters of release for the agencies and physicians involved in the sperm donation
  • Provide agencies and physicians with the required updates as to the status of the sperm donation agreement
  • Manage funds in the Client Trust Account and ensure release of medical bills
  • Provide all other legal services that may be necessary to help you establish your legal rights to your baby
  • Provide any additional legal services that may be necessary

Attorney Caballero understands the emotional and financial aspects of having a family through sperm donation. We have made a commitment to assist clients considering working with sperm donation by taking the time to explain the process to clients, being available to clients throughout the legal process, and providing as many resources as possible. Please feel free to contact Attorney Caballero for a free consultation about our program and the sperm donation process in general.

Attorney Caballero will provide the legal services that are needed to protect the parties’ legal rights, as well as the Intended Parents’ rights to their baby.