Sperm Donor Lied About His Identity and Now Families Are in Shock

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Sperm Donor Lied About His Identity and Now Families Are in Shock

When intended parents decide to use anonymous sperm or egg donors, they should be able to trust that the information they are provided about the donor is accurate and complete. Unfortunately, that trust has been shattered for several families in Washington state who used donated sperm through Cryo LLC.

Families who chose donor number 901A were told the man had no medical issues and that he had a great childhood. The reality, however, is that donor number 901A was an assumed identity for a man who previously donated as donor 518 – a man who described his upbringing as “rough” and disclosed a history of medical problems. Upon reaching the age of 39 and being told he could no longer donate his sperm, the man used a friend’s driver’s license and assumed the friend’s identity to begin donating again under a new donor profile.

The deception was discovered when a parent used a DNA test on her child conceived with sperm from donor 901A but discovered half-siblings whose biological father was donor 518. Parents are coming to terms with the reality that their children may have at least three dozen genetic siblings across Washington, Idaho, and Montana. Unfortunately, at least one child has been diagnosed with hemophilia, a blood disease passed to children by their biological fathers. Other children reportedly have behavioral issues and health conditions including ADHD and anxiety.

Cryo LLC indicated that its current procedures would not allow this type of fraudulent donor activity, and stated that it opened an investigation and notified affected families immediately upon discovering the issue.

A group of parents who used sperm from donor 901A is working with an attorney to protect their interests. The parents intend to file a lawsuit against the sperm bank and want to know the identity and full medical history of their children’s sperm donor.

We’ll watch for updates on this developing case and will share more information as it is available. To learn more about how we help individuals and couples navigate the legal aspects of assisted reproduction, contact us today!