Tokyo Set to Introduce Same-Sex Partnerships Next Year

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December 20, 2021
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Tokyo Set to Introduce Same-Sex Partnerships Next Year

Next year, Tokyo will begin to introduce the recognition of same-sex partnerships. This represents a significant shift from the way this issue has been handled there in the past. As the only Group of Seven country that doesn’t recognize same-sex marriage, many believe that Japan is behind the changing times. But the ruling party there hasn’t been interested in making many changes, due to being more conservative when it comes to areas of life such as sexuality and its diversity and differences.

Women in Tokyo

However, the majority of people in Tokyo, and throughout Japan, seem to be in favor of a shift toward equality, and same-sex partnerships are the first step in that direction. The move to same-sex partnerships won’t be something that happens quickly, even with this declaration. It doesn’t start on January 1st, for example, as it’s going to be considered in the fiscal new year, which begins in April.

That’s when the idea of it will be addressed, and there will begin to be provisions laid out for how the change to more acceptance of these relationships could work. In other words, there’s still a lot that will need to happen before Japan will have the same types of protections for LGBTQ+ relationships as other countries. With the public mostly in favor of equal rights for marriages in the country, though, the government is aware that they have to do something, even if they would rather that things stay the same.

The advancing understanding surrounding sexual diversity is part of the reason that these changes are going to be made. Additionally, the government acknowledges that there are a lot of problems for people who are in same-sex relationships and committed partnerships, because they don’t have the same legal standing or protections as heterosexual couples. The ability to improve the quality of life for people in same-sex relationships is significant, and will greatly affect the future of these couples.

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