Women Up To 45 Can Now Get Free IVF in Madrid

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January 15, 2022
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Women Up To 45 Can Now Get Free IVF in Madrid

In the past, women in Madrid who wanted to have children could only get free IVF treatments until they were 40. Now, that age limit has been raised to 45. One of the reasons behind the change is the fact that women in that country typically have children later in life than many of their European counterparts. Additionally, the birth rate in Spain is low and has been falling. Women have an average of 1.34 children in Spain, and allowing women free IVF for a longer period of time may encourage them to have more children.

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The pandemic also added to concerns about the falling birth rate, since it’s now the lowest it has been in the past 80 years. That could mean a loss of five million people over the next 50 years. Immigration is one of the ways to help increase the population of Spain, but encouraging a higher birth rate is another. There are very high standards for IVF in Spain, along with many donors. As such, the cost is higher there than in many other places.

By offering free IVF to women up to 45 years of age through the public healthcare system, more women will be able to afford to try for additional children to start or add to their families. Private IVF in Spain is only legal until age 50, but it can cost thousands of dollars that women may not have. With free IVF available for a longer period of time, women can put the money they may have spent on the procedure toward raising their families.

The change in IVF requirements is one of 80 measures that are being undertaken to help women in Spain’s capital city live healthier lives and take better care of themselves and their families for the long term.

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