Mississippi Woman Seeks Parental Rights in Same-Sex Divorce

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December 12, 2017
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Mississippi Woman Seeks Parental Rights in Same-Sex Divorce

A pending legal case in the Mississippi court system is being watched closely by in-vitro fertilization and gay-rights advocates. At issue is whether a non-biological parent should have recognized parental rights for a child conceived through IVF.

In this case, a same-sex couple was married at the time of conception via IVF using sperm from an anonymous donor. The couple’s marriage ended in divorce, with sole custody awarded to the child’s biological mother. In the divorce ruling, the Mississippi court ruled that the anonymous sperm donor has parental rights, but that the child’s other parent does not – even though she pays child support and has visitation rights. Although the child bears his non-biological mother’s last name, at the time of his birth, Mississippi law did not allow for listing both of his mothers on his birth certificate.

The non-biological mother has asked the state Supreme Court to award her parental rights. The biological mother has argued that her ex-wife should have to persuade the court to formally terminate the anonymous sperm donor’s rights first.

If the court ultimately holds that the non-biological parent does not actually have parental rights, the potential implications are frightening. In a worst-case scenario, if the child’s biological mother died while he was a minor, he could end up in state custody with the non-biological mother having no rights or say about guardianship.

Elsewhere in the country, court rulings on similar issues have been mixed. The U.S. Supreme Court and the Arizona Supreme Court have both held that married same-sex couples should have the same parental rights and benefits as opposite-sex couples, including listing both of the spouses’ names on birth certificates.

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