Lesbian Couple’s IVF Baby Recognized for the First Time in Italy

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May 7, 2018
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Lesbian Couple’s IVF Baby Recognized for the First Time in Italy

Unfortunately, the rights of same-sex couples varies greatly in different countries around the world. A recent decision in Turin, Italy to allow three same-sex couples to officially register their children under both parents’ names is being hailed as a victory for LGBT rights, and a first step in the right direction for any parent conceiving through assisted reproduction.

Under Italian law, gay marriage is not legal. And, for couples who struggle with fertility, whether they’re heterosexual or homosexual, fertility treatment options are extremely limited. The country has banned many treatments and procedures that are relatively commonplace in other countries, including surrogacy, egg donation, sperm donation, and freezing eggs. The only couples who qualify for any type of treatments or assistance are those who can demonstrate that they are in stable, heterosexual relationships with each other.

One mother, a Turin city councilor who conceived after traveling to Denmark for IVF, was told by her local public records office that she would need to register that she had had her child with a man, because there was no form to recognize the baby was conceived through IVF to same-sex parents. She wasn’t satisfied with that response, so she vowed to fight back.

While there is a larger battle to be fought, the city councilor and new mother won at the local level. Her son’s birth certificate now lists both of his mothers, and was signed by the city’s mayor. At the same ceremony, the mayor also signed birth certificates documenting same-sex parentage for another lesbian couple’s son and for twin boys of a gay couple. The city officials’ decision to recognize both same-sex parents in the birth records may be a sign that change is coming to the historically conservative country, however there has not been a change to the law yet.

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