WNBA Just Improved Their Maternity & Fertility Benefits

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February 15, 2020
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February 19, 2020
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WNBA Just Improved Their Maternity & Fertility Benefits

For players in the WNBA and their families, the league’s new collective bargaining agreement, announced in January 2020, offers important family-related support and benefits. The new agreement recognizes many of the problems female athletes encounter and is designed to address or at least mitigate the impact of those problems.

In addition to addressing concerns about low salaries, off-season work requirements, and poor travel arrangements, the league’s agreement also increases maternity leave benefits from being half covered to fully paid, allows for a childcare stipend of $5,000, provides mental health services, and offers larger apartment allowances for players with children.

Especially exciting for female players who want to become parents but struggle with becoming or staying pregnant, the new collective bargaining agreement also means women will be able to receive reimbursement for things like fertility support and adoption fees. These are expenses that were previously not covered by the league at all. Practically speaking, this means more players should be able to take advantage of these services now that they have help overcoming the financial obstacle such services can bring.

While the benefits under the new agreement are specific to covered players in the WNBA, this news represents progress for women in any field — sports-related or not. Working women who want children but who struggle with infertility often find it difficult to pay for assisted reproduction or adoptions, the very services that would help them realize their dreams. While a societal shift won’t happen overnight, this new collective bargaining agreement represents an important step in the right direction, and many are hopeful that other organizations and employers will follow suit.

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