Extending Fertility May Also Extend a Woman’s Life

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Extending Fertility May Also Extend a Woman’s Life

As women age they begin to show signs of osteoporosis, heart disease, cognitive decline, weight gain, and a host of other issues. Why? The answer lies in the ovaries. As women get closer to menopause, their ovaries stop producing the hormones that have kept their bodies healthier for a large portion of their lives. But the biggest problem is that ovaries start showing signs of aging in a woman’s late 20s and early 30s, as opposed to their 50s or later.

Many other organs in the body don’t show this kind of aging until much later in life, but the concern is that the ovaries provide so many important chemicals and hormones. When those chemicals are no longer available, the risk to other organs and bodily systems starts to increase.

That means that extending the healthy life cycle of the ovaries could also extend the length of time a woman lives. Women who go through natural menopause between 50 and 54 (with the average age of natural menopause being 51), tend to live longer than those who go through menopause much earlier in life. Not only that, but the brothers of women who go through later menopause also tend to live longer. That indicates a strong genetic component worth taking a look at for the future.

The goal isn’t to encourage women to have children in their 50s and even later, but to find ways to help the ovaries age slower than they currently do. That could reduce serious health risks for women who are getting close to or into their menopausal years, and even add years to those women’s lives.

Whether this will be something science will focus on remains to be seen, as the reasons behind ovarian function decline remain a mystery. Humans are also one of only four mammals who go through menopause and have a post-reproductive lifespan, so determining why that occurs and how to slow ovarian aging could have significant benefits for women.

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