COVID 19 Vaccine Does Not Cause Miscarriage

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COVID 19 Vaccine Does Not Cause Miscarriage

Among the common myths circulating about the COVID 19 vaccine today, is one that links the vaccine to miscarriages. A lot of women who are in their childbearing years are reluctant to get the vaccine because of these types of rumors. They may be pregnant at this time, or they may be planning on having a child in the near future. They could be actively trying to conceive, and worried that the vaccine could cause them to miscarry any child that was created shortly after vaccination.

COVID 19 vaccination

The good news for these women is that there is no evidence that the COVID 19 vaccine is associated with a risk of miscarrying a child. On the contrary, the vaccine can be one of the best ways for pregnant women to protect themselves and their unborn children from the risks of the COVID 19 infection itself. Whether they’re pregnant now, or they’re trying to become pregnant, vaccination isn’t going to put them or their children at any kind of risk.

The myth that the COVID 19 vaccine can cause miscarriages seems to come from the idea that the vaccine is making alterations to the DNA of vaccinated people. This is false, the mRNA that is involved with the vaccine only tells cells how to build a particular type of protein. It doesn’t contain any DNA, and doesn’t have an impact on the DNA already in the body. No reports of miscarriages have been linked to the COVID 19 vaccine.

No studies have shown any impact on pregnancies in women who’ve had the COVID 19 vaccine, and there’s no evidence that the spike protein information coded into the mRNA in the vaccine has any effect on the proteins needed for proper formation of the placenta. This concern was part of the myth of miscarriage surrounding the vaccine, and has been found to be false.

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