Big Changes in Fertility Treatments In Progress for Spain

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July 15, 2018
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Big Changes in Fertility Treatments In Progress for Spain

Driven in part by women waiting until they are older before trying to conceive, the birth rate in Spain is among the lowest in Europe. In fact, the number of deaths in the country in 2017 outpaced the number of births, at the fastest rate in nearly 80 years. In a move that many are hopeful will help improve birth rates, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez’s cabinet recently approved a measure giving more women access to free fertility treatments.

Spain has long been a popular place for in vitro fertilization (IVF) and artificial insemination for same-sex and single heterosexual women due to its many fertility centers (more than any other European country), lenient laws and affordable prices. According to the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology, there were more than 90,000 IVF cycles in Spain in 2014, the latest date for which statistics are available.

Since 2014, free fertility treatments have been available only to married, heterosexual women. However, beginning in January 2019, all women regardless of sexual orientation or marital status will be eligible for free fertility treatments.

As is also the case in the United States, Spain keeps the identity of egg donors and sperm donors secret. This makes the country attractive for many people struggling with infertility in other EU countries who may not have those protections in their home countries. Along with the U.S. and Belgium, Spain is a popular destination for “reproductive tourism.”

Only time will tell how this new measure will actually impact Spain’s birth rate. However, there is no question that it brings opportunity and hope to single heterosexual women and lesbian singles and couples who want to grow their families through assisted reproductive technology.

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