Donor Babies in France Will Have Easier Access to Identify Their Donors

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September 8, 2022
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Donor Babies in France Will Have Easier Access to Identify Their Donors

Under a new law that recently took effect, donor babies in France will have more options and access when they want to identify their donors. The law addresses “access to personal origins,” and means that donors have to consent to having their identity disclosed to biological children if those children ask about it when they reach adulthood.

According to a spokesperson for the ADDED Association, which advocates for donor-conceived children, people have a right to know how they came into the world. The new law only applies to future donors, but there will also be a commission created to make it easier for current adults who were conceived through donors to find out where they came from.

For past donors, the right to refuse disclosure is still an option. Through the change in the law, it’s possible that the number of people willing to donate will drop. Some people who donate want to continue to remain anonymous, and they can’t do that if they donate in the future. Being open with information about their origins is important to children, according to psychologists, and in the last few decades there has been a bigger push for disclosure.

Not only is there a concern that some donors may reconsider for the future, but there is also a worry that parents will lose some of the bond with their children if the children find and bond with their biological donor. While there is always speculation and worry when laws of this kind are changed, most donors think the change in the law is a good idea.

Thousands of donor-conceived children look for their donors every year, and this new law will make it easier for these children to find out more about their genetics and where they came from. That could help them address potential health conditions, and give them other important information they would otherwise be unable to access.

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