Colorado Lawmakers Pass Law That No Longer Allows Anonymous Sperm and Egg Donations

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June 9, 2022
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Colorado Lawmakers Pass Law That No Longer Allows Anonymous Sperm and Egg Donations

In the past, sperm and egg donations in the state of Colorado could be kept anonymous. On May 31, 2022, however, a new bill was signed into law that changes the game. Senate Bill 224 stops all anonymous sperm and egg donations, beginning in 2025. Under the new law, donors will have to be at least 21 years of age, and they can be used for a maximum of 25 families, both in and out of the state.


Clinics will have to adjust their recordkeeping to accommodate these new requirements. With more people using DNA kits to find out about their ancestry, there’s an increasing push for transparency in sperm and egg donation. Because of that, it’s important that donors understand the future ramifications of their choice, and how they may be affected by the children their donations helped to create, seeking them out years later. If they want to remain anonymous, they may make the choice not to donate any longer in the state of Colorado.

Due to DNA tests becoming commercially available, it’s no longer realistic to assume that even the best clinics can guarantee anonymity. That was a big reason for the push behind the new law which passed late last month. Medical information will also have to be passed along from both egg and sperm donors, and that information can be given to the child’s family, and later to the child.

Having a good picture of their genetic background is important for many people, and can bring them better mental and physical outcomes. They know what to look for, and what kinds of conditions they may be at risk for as they age. But for those who have been donating anonymously in Colorado, a decision will have to be made. They will need to be more open about their donations, or they’ll have to make the choice to stop donating at all.

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