Surrogacy Law

Thursday December 8th, 2022

Details on Cambodia’s Weak Surrogacy Laws

Surrogacy laws in Cambodia are very weak and that can lead to some unfortunate consequences for women who act as surrogates in that country. A […]
Thursday December 8th, 2022

Russia Bans Surrogacy for Foreigners

Until recently, Russia allowed citizens to be surrogates to other citizens and to foreign individuals and couples wanting to expand their families, but a new […]
Friday November 11th, 2022

Baby Zola, France’s First “IVF For All” Was Born This Summer

One year ago, the law in France was changed to make single and lesbian women eligible for fertility treatments. Now, the first baby born to […]
Thursday October 20th, 2022

Sofia Vergara to Testify in Ex-Fiancé’s Lawsuit Over Frozen Embryos

The ex-fiancé of Sofia Vergara is suing a reproductive center where the former couple had stored embryos in anticipation of having a family. He’s also […]
Monday October 17th, 2022

Kentucky’s Abortion Restrictions Are Challenged By 3 Jewish Women

Three Jewish women in Kentucky have sued the state over its restrictive ban on abortion. Their argument is that the ban is violating their religious […]
Thursday October 6th, 2022

Cuba Approves Same-Sex Marriage and Surrogacy

In a new Cuban referendum, nearly four million voters (66.9%) chose to ratify a new code that allows for same-sex marriage and surrogacy. This is […]
Wednesday September 7th, 2022

Canada May Offer Tax Credits for Surrogacy

The Canadian government is moving forward with the idea of additional tax credits for several important life events, including buying a first home, renovating a […]
Tuesday July 19th, 2022

Changes Are In Store For Ireland’s Surrogacy Laws!

History has been made in Ireland, where a new report has paved the way for rights surrounding surrogacy arrangements. Among the main findings of the […]
Friday July 8th, 2022

6-Year-Old Girl Born Via Surrogate Loses Battle To Have Father on Birth Certificate

UK surrogacy laws require automatically naming the surrogate mother’s husband as the father on a child’s birth certificate. A 6-year-old who was born via surrogate […]
Thursday June 23rd, 2022

British Man Wins Right to Have Baby With His Late Wife’s Embryo

In 2019, Ted Jennings lost his wife, Fern-Marie Choya, who was pregnant at the time through IVF. Now, Jennings has been awarded the right to […]
Friday June 10th, 2022

Colorado Lawmakers Pass Law That No Longer Allows Anonymous Sperm and Egg Donations

In the past, sperm and egg donations in the state of Colorado could be kept anonymous. On May 31, 2022, however, a new bill was […]
Thursday June 9th, 2022

The Supreme Court’s Reversal on Roe Threatens IVF

While Roe hasn’t been officially overturned, it does appear that the Supreme Court will make the decision to overturn the law. That means the topic […]
Wednesday May 25th, 2022

A British Man Has Filed a High Court Case To Use His Dead Wife’s Frozen Embryo

A British man who lost his wife when she was pregnant with twins after IVF treatments is now fighting to be allowed to have a […]
Thursday May 12th, 2022

Israel Issues Temporary Lift on Gay Surrogacy Policy

Breakthroughs in the fight for equal rights are important and can feel overwhelming when they affect the lives of so many people. Israel recently took […]
Monday April 18th, 2022

How the COVID Pandemic Resulted in a Surrogate Shortage in the United States

Generally, there’s no shortage of surrogates willing to carry children for couples who may not be able to start or add to their family for […]
Friday April 8th, 2022

New Interactive Surrogacy Law Map of United States

The Surrogacy Law Center is excited to announce the launch of a new and interactive map that was created to help intended parents and gestational […]