Egg Donation

Friday June 10th, 2022

Colorado Lawmakers Pass Law That No Longer Allows Anonymous Sperm and Egg Donations

In the past, sperm and egg donations in the state of Colorado could be kept anonymous. On May 31, 2022, however, a new bill was signed […]
Tuesday March 15th, 2022

A Donor-Conceived Person Protection Act is Being Proposed in New York

The “Donor-Conceived Person Protection Act” proposed by New York State Senator Patrick Gallivan in December 2021 would require reproductive tissue banks to collect and verify information […]
Friday August 20th, 2021

An Australian Sperm Donor Withdraws Consent for Use of Embryos, Causes Heartbreak for Would Be Parents

For years, Lissa Koehler and her wife Kariah planned to give their three-year-old daughter a sibling. Because of that, there have been embryos in storage for […]
Friday June 25th, 2021

Courts Side With Jordan Schnitzer in Egg Donor Case

When deciding to start or add to their families using assisted reproductive technologies, there is some comfort for many intended parents, knowing that state laws often […]