Assisted Reproduction

Monday June 5th, 2023

Redefining What It Means to Make a Family

Making a family is often assumed to be a man and woman, marrying and easily producing biological children together. But there are many ways to […]
Friday May 26th, 2023

The First Woman to Get a Uterus Transplant is Pregnant

Just weeks after she had surgery for a uterus transplant, the first woman to have this procedure done in Australia is pregnant! Kirsty Bryant had […]
Saturday April 29th, 2023

Babies Born Via Surrogacy Or Donors Are As Happy As Other Children

A recent study from the University of Cambridge took a look at children who were conceived naturally, versus children who were conceived through assisted reproduction, […]
Wednesday August 17th, 2022

Single French Women Are Creating a High Demand for Fertility Treatments

One year ago, the use of medically assisted reproduction was opened up to lesbian couples and single women in France. Now, single women are creating […]
Friday July 15th, 2022

One Woman’s Story of Discovering Dozens, If Not Hundreds, of Siblings

While there are many stories of finding a long-lost sibling, Chrysta Bilton may have the most unique sibling story of them all. She was conceived […]
Sunday May 15th, 2022

The True Story Behind the Netflix Documentary Everyone Is Talking About, Our Father

The new documentary from Netflix, Our Father, is an investigative look into the life of Dr. Donald Cline. He was a fertility doctor who used […]
Saturday March 5th, 2022

Three Rochester Physicians Used Their Sperm On Their Patients

With genealogy research and ancestry testing becoming more common today, a lot of people who previously didn’t have complete information on their families are able […]
Thursday February 24th, 2022

Another Dutch Doctor Identified As Using His Own Sperm With Patients

A fourth Dutch doctor has now been accused of using his own sperm for fertility treatments offered to his patients. Between 1977 and 1985, Henk […]
Monday November 22nd, 2021

Great News for Spain as Gay and Single Women Are Now Allowed Fertility Treatments!

Spain has joined a number of other countries in allowing gay and single women to use reproductive assistance technology. Transgender women are also included in […]
Tuesday November 17th, 2020

How Being a Mother (And Going Through IVF) Influences Sen. Tammy Duckwork’s Policies

As U.S. citizens, we rely on our elected officials to help shape policies that will benefit us as a constituency. U.S. Senator Tammy Duckworth (D. […]
Tuesday October 20th, 2020

What Makes Three-Parent Families So Special?

The idea of the “traditional” family unit in the United States, with two opposite-sex parents married to each other, changed fundamentally with the legalization of […]
Friday December 20th, 2019

Changes to the Assisted Human Reproduction Act in Canada

Although surrogacy is continuing to grow in popularity and is a widely recognized and accepted practice in much of the world, there are still many […]
Tuesday November 26th, 2019

Everything You Need to Know About New York’s New Insurance Law

Millions of New Yorkers, and some residents of other states covered by health insurance offered through New York-based employers with 100 or more employees and […]
Wednesday July 24th, 2019

NY Couple Sues Fertility Clinic After Woman Gives Birth to Twins That Weren’t Hers

It started off as a common-enough story: A married couple who had trouble conceiving turned to a Los Angeles clinic offering in vitro fertilization to […]
Tuesday March 19th, 2019

Parents Obtain Order to Save Son’s Sperm After Fatal Ski Accident

After 21-year old West Point cadet Peter Zhu was fatally injured in a skiing accident in February, his parents had an unusual request: They wanted […]
Thursday January 10th, 2019

One Woman Finds Out the Truth About Her DNA via a Testing Kit…54 Years After Her Birth

DNA tests are growing in popularity, with companies like 23andMe and marketing the kits as a way to learn more about your roots and […]