Wednesday September 22nd, 2021

Aetna Sued Over Discriminating Against LGBTQ Employees

The insurance company Aetna has been sued, over their alleged discrimination of LGBTQ employees. In the lawsuit, it’s stated that the company requires that same-sex couples […]
Sunday September 12th, 2021

COVID 19 Vaccine Does Not Cause Miscarriage

Among the common myths circulating about the COVID 19 vaccine today, is one that links the vaccine to miscarriages. A lot of women who are in […]
Thursday August 26th, 2021

Children Born Abroad to Same Sex Couples Are Now Eligible For US Citizenship!

When children are born abroad to parents who are US citizens, those children are also considered to be US citizens, despite the country of their birth. […]
Friday August 20th, 2021

An Australian Sperm Donor Withdraws Consent for Use of Embryos, Causes Heartbreak for Would Be Parents

For years, Lissa Koehler and her wife Kariah planned to give their three-year-old daughter a sibling. Because of that, there have been embryos in storage for […]