01/08/18 Monday

(English) Looking forward to 2018!

12/27/17 Wednesday

(English) The Surrogacy Law Center: A Year in Review

08/06/17 Sunday

The importance of privacy in surrogacy

The privacy issues in a s […]
06/07/17 Wednesday

(English) Gay couple returns baby back to surrogate

05/08/17 Monday

Judge awards accident victim future surrogacy costs

  B.C. Supreme Court […]
02/27/17 Monday

Children born via Surrogacy in Mexico and Cambodia unable to leave

In two separate parts of […]
02/15/17 Wednesday

Minnesota policymakers want surrogacy regulated

State lawmakers Rep. John […]
03/01/16 Tuesday

The Cook Surrogacy Case: Who Is the Parent?

California surrogate Meli […]
12/04/15 Friday

Heartache: Surrogacy in Mexico

A heartfelt article writt […]
04/30/15 Thursday

Shepherd Parentage:  The Courtroom Battle Is Over

  View image | getty […]
03/28/15 Saturday

Baby Gammy is Declared to be an Australian Citizen

  Many people follow […]
12/23/14 Tuesday

France gets chided regarding international surrogacy

Back in July, the Europea […]
11/16/14 Sunday

Serbia Considering Surrogacy

It appears that Serbia ma […]
10/29/14 Wednesday

Surrogacy laws blurred across state lines

Throughout the nation, a […]
10/03/14 Friday

A new sperm donor lawsuit enters the courtroom

When a woman chooses to g […]
09/25/14 Thursday

Kudos to the New York Times for a repertoire on surrogacy

Current media coverage su […]