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11/16/14 Sunday

Jason Patric case moves forward still garnering attention

A furry of media outlets […]
11/16/14 Sunday

Topeka Sperm Donor Case Back In The News

The Topeka sperm donor wh […]
10/03/14 Friday

A new sperm donor lawsuit enters the courtroom

When a woman chooses to g […]
08/04/14 Monday

California assembly bill attempts to iron out 21st century family law

The debate regarding egg […]
06/24/14 Tuesday

Craigslist sperm donor faces special hearing

The Kansas Supreme Court […]
05/27/14 Tuesday

Legal analysts take a closer look at Jason Patric’s custody case ruling

Jason Patric’s recent win […]
05/18/14 Sunday

Hollywood spotlight grows brighter for Jason Patric

What a difference a year […]
05/14/14 Wednesday

Hollywood Spotlight Continues For Jason Patric

This Hollywood spotlight […]
04/13/14 Sunday

Dutch sperm donor prefers the “natural” method

Make no mistake about it: […]
04/09/14 Wednesday

Italy court overturns ban on egg or sperm donation

Italy’s constitutional co […]
04/10/13 Wednesday

Sperm donor case to be decided by summary judgment

In a recent article that […]