12/27/17 Wednesday

(English) The Surrogacy Law Center: A Year in Review

04/20/17 Thursday

Listing same-sex parents on birth certificates in Arkansas moves to U.S. Supreme Court

The legalization of same- […]
01/18/17 Wednesday

Italian Court Ruling Considered a Positive Step

An Italian court has rule […]
09/07/16 Wednesday

Appellate Court in New York Redefines Parentage

A recent landmark ruling […]
08/19/16 Friday

Lesbian Couples Challenge Discriminatory Access to Fertility Treatment

Timely dialog is surfacin […]
07/21/16 Thursday

A Victory in Maryland

The Maryland Court of App […]
06/30/16 Thursday

Equality: The Unwavering Fight

Our hearts are filled wit […]
05/24/16 Tuesday

Chinese Lesbian Couple Achieves Historical Milestone

Tolerance of gay couples […]
04/15/16 Friday

Lesbian Couples Fighting for Right to be Named on Birth Certificates

Last December, Indiana wa […]
03/30/16 Wednesday

Gay Couple’s Fight in Thailand To Bring their Surrogate Baby Home

For more than a year, Gor […]
03/29/16 Tuesday

Legal Arguments Become Heated in Same-Sex Guardianship Case

Child custody cases creat […]
03/25/16 Friday

Supreme Court Issues Groundbreaking Judgment on Full Faith & Credit Clause

The Supreme Court recentl […]
02/01/16 Monday

Italy Takes One Step Forward Toward Equality

The Italian Parliament re […]
01/27/16 Wednesday

A House of Cards for Commercial Surrogacy in Mexico

Mexico was once considere […]
12/21/15 Monday

Mothers Fighting For Custody of their Two Daughters

A custody showdown betwee […]
12/18/15 Friday

IRS Challenged after Denying Gay Couple’s Deductions for IVF, Surrogacy

The IRS is facing scrutin […]