01/08/18 Monday

(English) Looking forward to 2018!

05/08/17 Monday

Judge awards accident victim future surrogacy costs

  B.C. Supreme Court […]
02/27/17 Monday

Children born via Surrogacy in Mexico and Cambodia unable to leave

In two separate parts of […]
02/15/17 Wednesday

Minnesota policymakers want surrogacy regulated

State lawmakers Rep. John […]
02/13/17 Monday

New house bill focuses on fertility treatments

An Indiana lawmaker has i […]
10/04/16 Tuesday

Retired IVF physician enters a not guilty plea

Retired fertility doctor […]
09/16/16 Friday

The Art of Waiting Shines Light on Infertility

There’s a popular adage t […]
08/12/16 Friday

San Francisco Company Commended for LGBT Fertility Coverage

A human resources company […]
05/24/16 Tuesday

Chinese Lesbian Couple Achieves Historical Milestone

Tolerance of gay couples […]
02/17/16 Wednesday

The Lackluster Care of Veterans

We all agree that support […]
08/29/15 Saturday

Frozen Embryos In Limbo

Recently, legal cases reg […]
08/13/15 Thursday

Veterans Fertility Bill Withdrawn

The men and women who enl […]
06/04/15 Thursday

One woman speaks out while Maryland lawmakers contend with surrogacy bill

This newest article highl […]
04/21/15 Tuesday

Has Fertility Medicine Gone Too Far?

A recent case involving A […]
03/20/15 Friday

The UK Breaks Tradition and Votes “Yes” On Three-Parent Babies

  This month, the Un […]
02/02/15 Monday

Reassessing the embryo adoption concept

The term, “embryo adoptio […]