12/18/15 Friday

IRS Challenged after Denying Gay Couple’s Deductions for IVF, Surrogacy

The IRS is facing scrutin […]
12/16/15 Wednesday

Young Boy Looks to European Court of Human Rights for Justice

A four-year-old boy is ma […]
12/11/15 Friday

Husband Wins Court Battle to Have Embryos Destroyed

In a new era of third-par […]
12/04/15 Friday

Heartache: Surrogacy in Mexico

A heartfelt article writt […]
12/02/15 Wednesday

Ruling in Arkansas Allows Birth Certificate Amendments

The landmark gay marriage […]
10/30/15 Friday

Perspectives Escalate Regarding Egg Donor Lawsuit

As the legal clock ticks, […]
10/08/15 Thursday

Prison Time for Owner of Miracles Egg Donation

When individuals or coupl […]
10/01/15 Thursday

Infertility Slowly Emerges From Silence

It’s estimated in the Uni […]
09/03/15 Thursday

Egg Donation: Should it be a secret?

View image | gettyimages. […]
08/13/15 Thursday

Veterans Fertility Bill Withdrawn

The men and women who enl […]
07/02/15 Thursday

Surrogate Mother Objects To Intended Parents Being Gay Fathers

Gordon “Bud” Lake and his […]
06/11/15 Thursday

The Ethics Surrounding Leftover Embryos

There is an undercurrent […]
06/04/15 Thursday

One woman speaks out while Maryland lawmakers contend with surrogacy bill

This newest article highl […]
05/13/15 Wednesday

California Couple Trapped In Mexico Finally Brings Newborn Home

While this story was met […]
04/30/15 Thursday

Shepherd Parentage:  The Courtroom Battle Is Over

  View image | getty […]
03/30/15 Monday

The Ultimate Grandmother: Gay man becomes a father with his mother’s help

This recent story hailing […]