Shepherd’s and Sally’s surrogate delivers baby this week

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August 8, 2014
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Shepherd’s and Sally’s surrogate delivers baby this week

The announcement of the surrogate delivering a baby boy this week for Sally and Shepherd sparked a new wave of media frenzy.  The couple are in the midst of a divorce and according to reports, it’s Shepherd who wants to terminate the surrogacy contract.

Through IVF, Sally’s sperm was used as well as an egg donor for the couple.

Reporter for the New York Daily News, Nancy Dillon reports, “Shepherd was not present for the birth of Lamar Sally Jr. and wants the courts to dismiss the surrogacy contract she signed with his dad, Lamar. She claims she was tricked into the contract and shouldn’t have to pay child support to Lamar Sally, who filed for divorce.”

The reporter goes on to say that Sally is thoroughly enjoying fatherhood.

The reporter who spoke to close Sally sources writes, “He’s loving everything about being a dad, but he misses (Shepherd) and wishes they could have all been a family, because the baby is wonderful.”

Lamar Sally Jr., also known as “L.J.,” has yet to be seen by Shepherd and it appears that’s how she wants it.  She’s pleading to the courts to dismiss the surrogacy contract deeming it was based on fraud.

Shepherd’s claiming Sally intended to have this baby, divorce her, and receive child support.

As I mentioned in previous blogs about this topic, fraud will be hard to prove.

Dillon writes, “A judge handling the couple’s divorce case heard arguments Wednesday but declined to issue a dismissal decision ‘at this time’ pending ‘further findings’ by a court in Pennsylvania.”

A continuance date is set for Oct. 29.

Meanwhile, the reporter points out, Sally intends to raise the boy as a single parent but wants Shepherd to help with the cost.

While the legal battle continues, let’s not forget that there’s an innocent baby in the middle of all this.  Moving forward, we hope the judge rules quickly — and in the best interest of this child.