What’s the Benefit Everyone Wants from Their Employer? IVF Coverage

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What’s the Benefit Everyone Wants from Their Employer? IVF Coverage

Health, dental, 401(k), vacation time, and… in vitro fertilization (IVF)? When you are reviewing employer-sponsored benefits at a current or prospective employer, you may be pleasantly surprised to find you have some coverage for fertility treatments.    

More employers today are offering IVF and other fertility benefits than ever before. In fact, according to data from Mercer, 44 percent of large employers offered some IVF benefits in 2018, an increase over 37 percent the previous year. While fewer small employers include IVF benefits, it’s possible the tide is shifting there too.

Today, one in 65 babies in the U.S. is born with the help of IVF and other fertility treatments. Rising awareness has helped lessen the stigma associated with difficulty conceiving. At the same time, women are continuing to rise in the ranks of Corporate America. Factor in a tight job market where employers are fighting to attract the brightest, most-qualified candidates, and it’s easy to see why more companies are expanding their benefits packages to include IVF coverage.

As anyone who has gone through IVF or explored using the procedure can attest, IVF can be costly. Women and couples who want to conceive can end up paying tens of thousands of dollars with no guarantee of success.

There is not a uniform standard yet for the size of fertility treatment benefits offered by some of the country’s largest employers. Some offer a flat benefit amount of $5,000; others offer $40,000 or more. Some cover certain types of fertility treatments while refusing coverage for others. Of course, any benefit amount is better than no benefit. It will be interesting to watch this trend over the next several years, as it hopefully expands and becomes more commonplace for employers of all sizes.

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